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Opening up on the authentic Morocco
Discovering Morocco after a professional trip ends is such an easy matter. The back country of Casablanca offers great opportunities; a few hours away, a wealth of discoveries can be made, from the Atlas snows to the southern deserts; from the desert Atlantic beaches to the architectural wonders of the imperial cities like Rabat or Fez,
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A welcoming culture
In Casablanca, like everywhere else in Morocco, entertaining guests is more than a tradition; it is a real culture. It is expressed today in the ever-present smiles, the warm and considerate welcome, and the efficient and quality service. Visitors, whatever their country of origin, will receive a friendly welcome, with the one and only purpose:
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Luxury hotels
International luxury hotels have been established in Casablanca for several decades. The charm of this city and its efforts to  romote business tourism encourage new tourism companies to invest with the purpose of developing comfort, security, flexibility, and quality services. All the luxury hotels (with 4 or 5 stars) are equipped with several integrated services - accommodation, catering, banquets, technical means
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