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The restaurants of Casablanca cover most of the international cooking arts: Moroccan, Asian, French, Italian, Lebanese, Spanish, the gastronomic choice is very varied. There is something for all the tastes. Places vary from simple small cafés, often with terraces, to the chic and high standard places where you can enjoy a good meal.
Moroccan Dishes

The Moroccan cuisine is one of most famous in the world and a stay in Casablanca will inevitably lead you to try the numerous delights and tastes of the most refined Moroccan dishes. Casablanca, the cosmopolitan, gathers many restaurants specialized in Moroccan cuisine where you will enjoy the traditional and most delicate dishes. The largest city of the Kingdom, also gathering all the regional cultures, skilfully managed to incorporate their culinary traditions. An art of the table to be discovered with also its legendary couscous, pigeon pastillas or stuffed fish in oven, without forgetting the mint tea and succulent pastry with almonds and honey. Your visit to Casablanca will also make it possible for you to discover these "country products" which make up the identity and the Morocco label in the many specialized baker's and confectioner's shops: gazelle horns, sellou, briouats with honey, fekkas (dried raisin biscuits). and other delights.

International Cuisine

Casablanca is also a varied choice of international cuisine. You can appreciate it in the restaurants of hotels which offer a very considerable choice of dishes most affected by their customers and which are enchanting to the finest palates. Great cuisine is proposed there with various specialities and a faultless service quality. Do not hesitate to return there to spend a good moment of relaxation.
For a more cosy party, the white city counts a multitude of restaurants of French gastronomy, Spanish cuisine, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Italian, Lebanese, fresh fish specialities, roasted meat . or else the largest fast-food brands (Mc Donald's, KFC, Quik, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza.) for quick meals. A varied offer intended to the children, to young people, for families....

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Tea Places

A breakfast or a snack pause? The café terraces and tea places will accommodate you for a pause on your course. So many very good and very comfortable places will serve you coffee, tea, sherbets, fruit juice, the whole accompanied by delicious and freshly baked pastry.
Do not miss the ice cream shops. The famous Oliveri where you can enjoy ice creams and sherbets made in the purest tradition which, for many of Casablanca people, are a must-visit place. Visit the one located in Maarif and the other on Hassan II Boulevard.
Those loving ice creams may meet in Venezia Ice in the heart of Maarif nearby the famous towers of the Twin Center. You will undoubtedly spend there a good moment.