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  • Visit of Central Market
  • External visit of Hassan II Mosque (Internal visit coasts 120dh per person)
  • The Cornice
  • Residential district of Anfa
  • Notre Dame de Lourdes Church
  • New Medina – Habous
  • Stopover in front of main entrance of King Palace before joining United Nation’s and Mohammed V square.

2/- Shopping :

Shopping : Triangle d’Or : International Marks Maarif : National & International Marks Twin Center : National & International Marks
Handy Craft : Handy Craft Complex - Bourgogne Houphouët Boigny Avenue Old Medina – Bab Marrakech Habous District

3/- Golf :

  • Royal Golf - Anfa / Casablanca
  • Golf Course of 09 Holes
  • Royal Golf - Mohammedia
  • Golf Course of 09 Holes
  • 30 km from Casablanca
  • Royal Golf - El Jadida
  • Golf Course of 18 Holes
  • 99 km from Casablanca
  • Royal Golf - Benslimane
  • Golf Course of 27 Holes
  • 60 km from Casablanca
  • Royal Golf - Settat
  • Golf Course of 09 Holes
  • 75 km from Casablanca – connected by the motorway
  • Royal Golf - Bouznika
  • Golf Course of 09 Holes
  • 80 km from Casablanca
  • Royal Golf - Rabat – Dar Es-Salam
  • Golf Course of 45 Holes
  • 100 km from Casablanca
Rabat: Full day (100Km x 2)

Rabat, capital of Morocco, is the symbol the durability of the kingdom. Located at the mouth of the river Bouregreg, Rabat accommodated the Royal Palace of his Majesty King Mohamed VI. It is the headquarters of the government, parliament, ministries and administrations.

It was also the first universities city in the country.

It is a nice city that contains an important archaeological heritage originating from 12th century. Another incursion in time arises from the solitary and romantic Chellah where the Merenide monarchs rest to the beautifully sculpted Hassan Tour. Bab er-Rouah, the gate of winds, is the most beautiful and magnificent monument giving direct access to the Hassan Tour and the famous tomb of the late king Mohamed V who fulfilled Morocco's independence.

Marrakech: Full day (250Km x 2)

Marrakech is indeed the heart of the Berber south. Its Medina was previously famous for being an inevitable passage for caravans for rest and lucrative trade exchange. Marrakech mesmerizes every visitor with its magic, ochre colours, ramparts, Medina, etc. Marrakech ramparts are a continuous funfair. This sumptuous oasis is surrounded by palm groves hidden in snowy mountains and offering therefore the most beautiful scenery to be seen.

Afternoon, the visit will continue to Bahia Palace and Djemma El Fna square, the heart of Marrakech and the compulsory passage to the alleys of the Red city souks.