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The Great Hassan II Mosque
Ordered by the late HM King Hassan II to give to Casablanca a reference cult and cultural building, the construction of the Big Mosque started on July 12th, 1986.
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Architecture Art Déco
Ville moderne et cosmopolite, Casablanca a été un creuset de culture qui inspira une conception architecturale originale dans laquelle le visiteur
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The Cornice

Du port à la plage d'Aïn Diab

For family and sports practicing by day, connected by night, the cornice of Casablanca is the sensitive centre of the city entertainment activity.
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Casablanca, Habous Area
A unique area in Morocco, the Habous area offers one of the most picturesque aspects of Casablanca. Situated in the Southern part of the city, just behind the Royal Palace, this new city was born with the urban plan launched by General Lyautey during the 20s.
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City Center
Casablanca is today a headlight city, a permanent tribute to architecture, an economic heart leading a whole nation.Cosmopolitan and alive, a pioneer spirit blows on the city.
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The Old City
The old city, formerly surrounded by ramparts only few of which still exist, lines the coast for one kilometre and adjoins the city centre.
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