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Casablanca, Habous Area
A unique area in Morocco, the Habous area offers one of the most picturesque aspects of Casablanca. Situated in the Southern part of the city, just behind the Royal Palace, this new city was born with the urban plan launched by General Lyautey during the 20s.

A 20th century city

It combines, with its big commercial arcades, the biggest lines of Islamic architecture and modern urbanism rules. Designed according to the traditional city model, the area shelters the biggest urban items belonging to Islamic rites and life. It includes mosques, Turkish baths, markets, hotels and galleries, but organizes itself as well according to a Provencal-inspired scheme around small convivial places and aired pedestrian streets.

Intended to accommodate the rural population coming to look for jobs in Casablanca, the new city rapidly attracts a well-off population that appreciates its particular charm mixed with tradition and modernity.

A large choice of craft products

Under its big commercial arcades, the area gathers many general stores that offer to their local or visiting clients a large choice of secondhand goods and craft products brought from the entire Kingdom: pieces of pottery, leather objects, wooden furniture, carpets, ironwork, traditional shoes and clothes...

You can unearth anything and every market has its specialty. The brass market gathers copper brass manufacturers that you can watch make their teapots, candlesticks and round trays. The carpet market where, once a week, sale by auction takes place, presents a diversified choice of carpet and khilim coming from all the regions of Morocco. Some shops are specialized in second hand goods and it is still possible to find there astonishing art deco objects.

The Royal Palace

Beside the Habous area, the royal palace was built in the beginning of the 20s. Containing a set of Mediterranean gardens designed by the architect Forestier in 1916, it was built by the Pertuzio brothers who devoted themselves to make of the building a sumptuous place equipped with the most modern infrastructure. During your visit, you can appreciate the exterior of this majestic site.

The Mahkama of the Pasha

Just beside, the Mahkama of the Pasha, built between 1948 and 1952, served in the same time as a court and a reception room for the Pasha of Casablanca. The building includes at least 60 rooms and we find all kinds of decorative shapes and motifs belonging to the Spanish-Moroccan architecture. This monumental building shelters today the City Hall of Méchouar.