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The Great Hassan II Mosque
Ordered by the late HM King Hassan II to give to Casablanca a reference cult and cultural building, the construction of the Big Mosque started on July 12th, 1986.
It was inaugurated on August 30th, 1993. Its erection position on water, on the edge of the ocean, and the record height of its minaret has obliged the engineers and craftsmen to innovate building techniques for this monumental work of art of the 20th century. In its general configuration, it is presented as a huge complex of 200 metres long, 100 metres wide and 60 metres high. Its building enabled the gaining of 12 hectares on the sea. The foundations required 26,000m3 of concrete and 59,000m3 of rock to control the swell.

A work of art of ornamentation

The Mosque Hassan II impresses by the contrast between the excess of its proportions and the great fineness of its execution. The structures of the whole mosque are made of reinforced concrete clothed with decorations. Renewing the Arab-Andalucian tradition, the monument shines by the ornamentation of its impressing external and internal surfaces, made by the most famous Moroccan craftsmen. The whole is elaborated with polychromous zelliges with geometrical compositions, sculpted and painted wood and chiseled stone.

Tradition and technology

This magnificent architectural challenge enabled to renew traditional arts in the light of new technologies. This is revealed in the giant pieces of zellige with more luminous and sparkling colors than usual that cover the external facade of the minaret, the cedar wood and beech dome finely chiseled and decorated of the opening roof or the monumental titan doors that open on the prayer room.

The highest minaret in the world

Its minaret the proportions of which recall, by multiplying them, those of the biggest monuments during the Almohade era, is topped by a lantern and a jamour. It reaches 210 metres, which makes it the highest religious building in the world. From the top of this minaret, a laser ray directed to Mecca shines up to 30 km.
A big opening roof enables according to Hassan II’s wish this building to have an access to air, one of the main three vital elements of life besides earth and water. It may be opened and closed in less than three minutes.

To Visit the Mosque

The Mosque Hassan II is one of the rare mosques in Morocco to be visited by non Muslims. 4 guided visits are provided every day at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 and 14:00 except on Fridays.

The visit is done in French, English and Spanish.
The visit is paid: MAD 120 and MAD 60 for students.

For visiting, call the +
or contact your travel agency.